Q. How will the system fit into my practice’s overall working processes without major upheaval?

A. We can carry out a full onsite survey free of charge to assess the viability of implementing iSmile on top of or in parallel to your existing working processes. This enables a smooth transition period when iSmile is implemented along with integration progress reports and task schedules every step of the way.

Q. I have an existing system which I am looking to replace, can I migrate my patient data?
A. We can migrate patient information from most of the existing systems on the market into iSmile for a flat charge of £150. Please contact our sales team to see if your existing system is covered by our data migration service. We offer quick and simple data transfer from SOE EXACT, Carestream/Kodak R4, Software for Dentists, Dentally, Bridge IT, DentSys and many more.

Q. My old practice management system is considered obsolete technology and is not supported by many new hardware devices. Can iSmile be expanded or customised to meet my practice's long term needs?
A. iSmile is designed using the very latest Microsoft .Net technology. Its modular design means it can be expanded rapidly to meet ever changing market and legislative demands. Additionally, the various sections of iSmile can be locked or opened to users thus creating a unique system for each type of business.

Q. Do I have to purchase hardware through your company or can I use the existing PC’s that I have?
A. As long as your existing PC’s meet the minimum requirements to run iSmile, you can use any hardware which you may already have and we do not stipulate where you buy your hardware from. Please get in touch if you require a quotation for hardware or if you would like to receive our minimum requirements for hardware you wish to purchase yourself.

Q. What type of training can I expect for my staff and I?
A. We provide on-site training for your staff including a taught seminar session and a hands-on session where users will get to run through system processes alongside a trainer. Finally a our support team are always on hand and more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Call us today on 0845 468 1287 to book a no-obligation demonstration.