iSmile Dental Software - Support

At iSmile we provide you peace of mind through the knowledge that a dedicated support team is available to you 24x7, ensuring you receive the highest levels of customer care should you encounter any problems.

Our friendly support personnel are available to guide you through any issues you may have with iSmile. We also maintain the capability to log into your machines remotely to diagnose and resolve any problems you may be experiencing, allowing you to concentrate on the running of your practice.

No more complicated CD upgrades or instructions to follow, as we carry out all upgrades via remote log in and keep you informed through iSmile's in-built customer service messenger.


Headache free software and support.

As a business technology and solutions provider focused on the dental healthcare sector, our support infrastructure is unique to our company in the dental software industry. Through the use of modern technologies and efficient processes, we are able to provide a more tailored support service to dental practices throughout the UK and abroad.

We assign a full-time Consultant to your practice, so any calls to the support call-centre will only be as a last resort. Rest assured that a Consultant is available to speak to you should you encounter any problems, who will have a thorough understanding of your practice's setup and will be well known to your staff over time too.

Where most companies direct support calls to script-reading staff in call-centres, we aim to deal with most support related issues directly through your assigned Consultant. iSmile has attracted many individual and multi-site practices to our service, from new setups to well established dental practices across the UK.